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The Kings Park Pavilion Café

As anyone passing the park recently might have noticed, The Old Tennis Pavilion has been undergoing a long overdue transformation. Originally built in 1924 for the princely sum of £1300 the Pavilion was once an important hub for the local community. With the only tennis courts in the area and some seventy odd years before the introduction of Wi-Fi, it was a busy place. Primarily a changing facility with club room and light refreshments; we’re guessing cucumber sandwiches, tea, long skirts and perhaps the odd monocle.

The good new is, it looks like we’re almost there. It’s been a lot of work to get to this point but it’s looking good. We’ve tried where possible to upcycle as much as we can. Most of the slates have been re-used, the original old floor has been re-laid, and our expert contractor has reproduced the 1924 doors and windows – if not the 1924 bill!

We’re going to be recruiting soon, so if you’re a Barista, wannabe Barista, Kitchen Supervisor or general café superstar, see the jobs section below.

Big Thank You to everyone who’s helped and supported us to get to this point and we look forward to welcoming you all soon.

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